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what is the latest you have seen Jamal go in adraft?


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Jamal is a guy I am always looking at, not that I am high on him, but he's like LJ or Caddilac someone you want to see how he turns out. For me this is unlike say Lynch or MaGahee or Fred Jackson who I could care less about.


Jamal is a guy I am pulling for and I think he had great skill in the past. I am not sure what he has left, but he is a starting RB and it's possible he can put his act together, stranger things have happened. I mean he has some potential if things go right he could put up a good year, he had 1,000 last year.


But I am not high on him so I was just crossing him off my list figuring let someone else take him.


So at the end of the draft when it's like what do I do pick a seconed Kicker or the 3rd WR form the Vikes and heck he's still there. So I grabbed him, it was the 14th round of a 12 team draft so like the 160th pick..


I may never use him but at least I got him off the market in case some nut-job owner who drafted Romo in the 4th round or whatever maybe he steps in poop and comes up smelling like a rose if he picks up Jamal and he turns out to be a productive fantasy player.


I have also seen LJ going very late, I was going to snag him in the 12th round but he didn't make it to me.


This is a PPR league and we can start 3 WR and 1 RB or 3RB and 1WR or 2 and 2 so this is a little bit wacky where some teams could have just 3 RBs and 7 WRs or the other way around.

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12.03 pick 135 in a recent re-draft league


My opinion is though he may fall off a cliff this year, he's insane value at that spot and in the spot you grabbed him, even if you never use him, he can be trade bait if he performs, bye week filler, and your keeping a potentially productive player away from your opponents (a point often forgotten in these discussions)


Even if he only goes for 800 yards and 5 TDs this year, that's better production than a lot of the other "Reaches/upside guys" will go for.


Best of Luck,


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I actually got him in the 17th round 17.07 in a 10 team league last week. Its a non- PPR League in which you can start 2 QBs, but still not a bad pickup. Here is my draft:


QB: Aaron Rodgers, Matt Hasselbeck

RB: Michael Turner, Ryan Grant, Ahmad Bradshaw, Chester Taylor, Jamal Lewis

WR: Roddy White, Wes Welker, Donald Driver, Laveran Coles, Josh Morgan, Patrick Crayton

TE: Greg Olsen, Ben Watson

K: Jason Elam, Robbie Gould

DEF: San Diego Chargers, Green Bay Packers, Arizona Cardinals

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