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Must start one of these RB's


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For me it's the two road guys


If I think about the game flow SD/Oakland, we're probably talking about a blow out, which might mean some extra carries for Sproles in the second half of the game, plus his normal PPR value.


Pitt versus Tennessee is going to be a slugfest, but the Titans will put some points on the board (probably 2 TDs) and I'd guess that Slimdale gets one of those.


Upside wise I take Sproles who could go off against a weak Oakland RB, for more consistent points, the safer bet is Lendale.


Best of Luck,


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Scoring is 1 pt every 10 yards rush/rec, 1 ppr and 6 pt td's. I must start one of these guys this week. Who would you start?


Sproles @ Oakland MNF

D Brown vs Jax

Lendale @ Pitt ThNF (Season Opener)

Man that's tough. I think Lendale is out. Between Brown and Sproles.....I think you roll th dice with Brown who I think starts off getting 60-40 or better split with Addai (60). I don't see SProles stealing as much from LT.

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I agree about ruling Lendale out. If he doesnt score, looking at probably less than 5 points. Matchup wise, I think I like Sproles. The Raiders look awful and SD may rest LT alittle in a game they should easily handle. Brown is interesting because he is probably going to split with Addai but not sure how much. Any one else?

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I'd go Brown, he will be out there more then the other 2 only thing White will get is 2 yrd TD if that vs PIT def. Sproles will play but how many snaps. Look at last season when LT was healthy how much was he out there to make a difference??? Id go D Brown


Answer mine http://forums.thehuddle.com/index.php?showtopic=295373

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