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Draft Order Randomizer


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THere was a post for a Randomized Draft Order that a website automatically does for you and emails the league. I can't find the thread. Can someone help me with this?


Sorry, can't help with the website. My main league, however, uses the RNG function in Excel to randomize player order in our auction draft. Probably the best change we've made in our 20-year old league, ever. It forces everyone to prepare more thoroughly and give much more thought to money management, as you don't know when your targeted players might come up for bid. Brady, PManning and ARodgers were three of the last six players to come up for bid this year. Makes for some great bargains, both early as some owners are "saving up" or late, after most people have blown their wads.


After many years of multiple leagues with every conceivable format, I can't imagine why any league still uses a draft instead of an auction. I think the random order makes the auction that much better.

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