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Who should I start at FLEX

Cowboys Fan!!

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Hey all, I have these two players and am currently thinking of starting T Hightower, but have seen that J Jones will get the bulk of the carries for the Seahawks while T Hightower will split with the Cardinals. Who do you all think would be the better start at FLEX?


THanks for all input

:wacko: Welcome to The Huddle!


In the future you should prolly list the player with the opponent ie JJ vs Rams. You should also list the scoring ie/ td only, PPR, Non ppr, etc.



That said I think you roll with Julius Jones in week 1. Now I know JJ has gotten a bad rap after his 08 performance but if he's ever gonna give you a solid game....WEEK 1 will be that game! Let's look at the Rams for a sec. They gave up 26 rush tds last year while giving up a ridiculous 154 rush yds per game ranked 29th! To put it in perspective the best Ds last year gave up 4 rush tds all year and 77yds/game. (Pitt and Ravens.) I know this year and last are different but the Rams did not do enough in the off season to change much on D. They'll still suck it up. The Rams won't be able to stack the box due to Hasselbeck being healthy and having some nice weapons in TJ Housh, Burleson, Branch, Carlson and even the rookie Butler has shown he can mix it up. By the 4th quarter the Seahawks will be handing it off to JJ/Edge while managing the clock in a 1 sided contest. I think JJ will give you 120yds and at least 1 td in week 1.


As for Hightower...sure he's listed #1 but will face a tougher D in the 9ers. If Beanie Wells is healthy he'll definitely steal more carries from Tim than Edge will from JJ. The Cards/9ers games usually turn into shootouts and the Cards hardly use the run game anyway.

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