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Anyone ever done it?

Yeah, in a past life I did. When we were building the GIS for SEDA-COG (an eleven county economic development agency for central PA) we were pretty close with the folks that did the data gathering. So I got to play with everything from going out and laying the grids for the aerial photography to capturing the data from the photos to building out the database and incorporating the tax records from the counties and local municipalities.


Any specific reason for the question?

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Yeah ive got to geodoce somestuff in arc 9.3 I've done it on google maps just never tried with arc. Any suggestions?

To give you an idea, I was working with Arc 7.x so I may be a bit out of date. I assume this is pulling something from imagery. I'm sure you know this, but it all starts from a known point. The stuff we used was special gear with a heads up display, but I've done it from paper maps and and registering landsat images to it as well. A monument or two would be really helpful. Other than that it's just plain grunt work.

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