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WW Advice - J. Davis, Mike Bell or nobody


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My team in a 12 team pp league is


QB- Romo

RB- Jones/Drew, Benson

WR - Boldin, Wayne,

TE - Miller

Flex (RB, WR, TE) - Royal

K - Kaeding

DEF - Minnesotta


Bench: Lynch (RB), A. Bradshaw (RB), Avery (WR), Finley (TE)


My question is should I drop Finley or Miller and pick up Bell to use in my flex this week if Boldin can't play, or pick up James Davis or just chill and wait ot see how Finley pans out. Thanks

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I know everyone likes Finley right now, but he is a TE...he has upside as a #2 TE that may surprise you.


I'd probably do the following...drop Finley and pick up Bell this week as a flex play in case Boldin can't go or looks iffy.

Then, more than likely drop Bell in the next waiver period (Assuming PT is projected to go in week 2) and pick up James Davis for the long haul (assuming he is still out there obviously)


I think if Davis is still available in your 12 team league, then Finley might sit a bit on waivers unless he has a huge week 1 game....that'll allow you to assess whether you want to go upside with Finley for your TE or stable with Miller...in any case, I'd only be carrying one TE in what looks like a fairly shallow team size league.


Best of Luck,


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