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Big Trade


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Here is my team and the order I drafted. It's 0.5 PPR league with 4 points for TD passes and 6 for rushing/receiving.


1. (2) Maurice Jones-Drew

2. (23) Greg Jennings

3. (26) Tom Brady

4. (47) Tony Gonzalez

5. (50) Larry Johnson

6. (71) Bernard Berrian

7. (74) Donnie Avery

8. (95) Laveranues Coles

9. (98) Matt Cassel

10. (119) Jerome Harrison

11. (122) Chester Taylor

12. (143) Darrius Heyward-Bey

13. (146) Miles Austin

14. (167) Chicago

15. (170) Mason Crosby

16. (191) Joe Flacco



Now for the trade. Tom Brady, Tony Gonzalez, and Larry Johnson for Matt Forte, Heath Miller, and Brett Farve.


What do you think?

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it is a gutsy call but I wouldn't because you don't have a #2 QB. I mean if you were able to get Palmer, Hasselback as your back up I would say yes but Farve is not going to be a fantasy play this year. It would appear that QBs are think on the WW being that you have 3. I think you would have a better chance of getting a #2/3 RB via the WW as the weeks go on.

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