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McGahee + James Davis for M. Lynch + Brandon Jackson


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Would you make this trade?


I give up Willis McGahee and James Davis for Marshawn Lynch and Brandon Jackson (RB Green Bay). I'm in a 12-team basic scoring redraft league (2-point bonus for 100 yards receiving and/or rushing and/or combination). Currently two best running backs are Brandon Jacobs and Willie Parker.


If this deal happens it enables my trading partner to handcuff Ray Rice and Jamal Lewis; it gives me a more solid #2 RB (Lynch) to go along with my #1 RB Jacobs (I also have Bradshaw) but of course I won't have Lynch for first three games (suspension) and week 9 (bye week). Plus I lose the potential of Davis.


Can I survive those weeks with Parker and/or starting both Jacobs and Bradshaw? Prior to this offer I was strongly considering starting McGahee over Parker. Thanks!

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I like the move of getting a starter in Lynch for two guys with potential. A bird in the hand ...


However, he is getting a TON of insurance by getting two handcuffs that he should have drafted. Jackson has a high ankle sprain if my memory serves me right so I would try to get something better to go along with Lynch. How about a sleeper WR off his roster instead, I don't think that would be an unreasonable counter.

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