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initial dynasty draft in 1 1/2 hours.....any links to some good cheatsheets?


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We have a 10 team dynasty league starting up, and our initial draft is coming up soon (1 1/2 hours from now).


I subscribed to Dynasty Rogues, and downloaded their cheatsheets, but was also wondering if anyone has any other recommendations to other sites that I should check out. Sometimes it's good to compare a couple different opinions on how I should rank players. I've done a google search, and lots of the sites that I found haven't changed their rankings since March to May.

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Yeah, I also subscribe to The Huddle, but I don't think their keeper/dynasty cheatsheet is good for a dynasty type league where we're gonna keep pretty much our full roster year after year.


The Huddle: Kurt Warner #8 ranked QB, Matt Ryan #11 QB?!?!?! In a dynasty league, nooooo way! Dynasty Rogues has Matt Ryan as the #2QB, which makes sense.


The Huddle also has Tomlinson ranked #4 among running backs on that cheatsheet, and there's no way in hell that Tomlinson is the 4th best dynasty running back.


Nothing against The Huddle, I love the site, the articles, and the cheatsheets, but their keeper/dynasty cheatsheet is just a mismatch on what I'm looking for.

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i would pretty much use the same cheat sheets and just give the edge to the younger player if i'm on the fence between a couple of guys. then, if your team is not competing this year, you can deal some of those older studs to the teams that are to build your team for next season. don't make things too complex.

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