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Need some trade advise


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Hi guys, first time to this board, it is great. Would love some sage advise on some potential trades. Scenario as follows:


10 team dynasty league. Draft is Thursday. We are performance/touchdown league, start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 flex (RB/WR). Touchdown = 6 pts, 1 point per reception, 1 pt per 8 yards rushing or 12 yards receiving or 30 yards passing.


My franchise guys: Chris Johnson, Kevin Smith, Greg Jennings. I have 1st pick. MJD is top RB available then drops off to Westbrook and Gore. All the top WR are gone, Colston is the top rated wideout remaining. Brady, Manning and Warner are best available QB.


I am planning to draft MJD but will be hurting at WR or QB. I have a couple potential trades I am considering to propose:


1) Chris Johnson for Calvin Johnson. This would leave me with 2 Lions as starters but I could take MJD round one and likely get one of the above QBs round 2


2) Kevin Smith for Dwayne Bowe. Think I get the short stick on this one....


3) Kevin Smith for Anquan Boldin. Not sure if this one would fly without me throwing in a swap for draft slots somewhere.


Any of these trades look worthwhile? Am I thinking correctly that I have to take MJD in spite of having 2 RB (since we have a flex position) or should I take Brady? Note that we do not wrap around so I will have top pick in round 2, etc.


Thanks for your input!

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I think you take MJD for two reasons. 1 he's possibly the best player in a ppr format and 2 you start 2 RBs and a flex(RB) so why wouldn't you want three RBs of that caliber. All 3 of those guys should be good to very good in ppr. Truth is, in any league, if your RBs are that good then you're likely gonna be deficient somewhere else. Take MJD and then just see where the draft takes you before you start formulating trade options. You may end up just fine but still have convinced yourself that you need to pull a trade somewhere unnecessarily.

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