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#2 RB This Weekend?


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I will use K. Smith as my #1 RB this weekend, but who would you use as a #2 this week:



  • C. Johnson - @ Pitt
  • J. Jones - vs. St. L



Johnson would normally be the easy choice, but do I play the matchups and start Jones instead (Jones rushed for 140 & 1 TD last year on the Rams).


Let me know your thoughts!

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FWIW, I plan to start Ray Rice and Ryan Grant and Kevin Smith over Chris Johnson this weekend. (Two leagues.) I hope Johnsn lives up to the hype, but I didn't like his pre-season and I don't like the matchup aganst PIT. I'm not a diehard ASYS guy anyway, but early in the season I usually do. I think that matchups and momentum are important and this week's projections point towards sitting Johnson in my case. Good luck...

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Sit: Chris Johnson Vs Pittsburgh - Depending on your bench you may stick with Johnson but he is facing a Steelers defense that gave up a high of 106 rushing yards at home last year and they're looking for redemption for the infamous towel stomp. LoStradamus prediction: 65 total yards.



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I think this follows the ASYS logic. I'd go with Johnson even with the matchup. I like Jones matchup, but not sure how many carries Edge is going to take from him.


It's the first week and you are planning to sit your 1st round pick :wacko:


Let me start by saying. I'm not a Chris Johnson fan in fantasy football. The guy is a lightening bolt but there is no way he makes it through 16 games. Everyone has an injury potential but this guys chances of injury are about 90%. He does 1 thing and that is run really fast in a straight line. 1 nicked up toe or ankle or hammy or knee and he can't run really fast and that what do you have? A slow sub 200 pounder that can get shoulder checked to the ground by an average sized LB.


I was very surprised he was drafted so high in many leagues (I've seen go 5th???)


You're options are Moreno who is banged up and ???, McCoy who is ??? as to PT, or JJ who is all question marks and the Seattle O-Line is horrible.


If you had a solid option outside of Chris Johnson I would say think about but with your options your first round pick is your best choice.


Why draft a guy in the first round you're not comfortable starting every week? I'm assuming he was your first round pick. If so start him.

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