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The following will happen


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:wacko: One of my favorite threads. Surprised BigMike went so generic on his predictions though for week 1.


1. Darren McFadden will have a td from 50 + yards out


2. The Chiefs will win outright

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Knowshon Moreno scores a TD.


Julius Jones does not, as the Rams go on to beat the Seahawks.


Mark Sanchez goes for 300+ yds, and 2 TD's, in his debut.


Brian Westbrook continues where he left off, ripping up yards and TD's. Everyone in the Fantasy realm realizes immediately, they made a huge mistake passing on him 2-3 times in their draft.


Michael Bush socres two TD's. McFadden zero.


Roy Williams catches 5 passes, for less than 60 yards. Fans immediately miss for TO, seeing him score 2 TD's in his debut with the Bills.


Jay Cutler throws more interceptions than touchdowns, as the Bears get blown out by the far superior Packers.



Ray Rice, Beanie Wells, and James Davis all blow up....and the entire Huddle crew rejoices!!!



gl gl and stay healthy!

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1. Cadillac Williams will be the #1 added free agent after his 100yd / 1TD performance against the Cowboys.

2. Devin Hester will break out of his slump from last year and return a punt for a TD.

3. Malcolm Kelly will be the leading WR for the Redskins.

4. Cedric Benson will be a top 5 RB scorer for the week.

5. People who drafted Pierre Thomas will wonder why they did so.

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the lions will be 0-18 ( and still counting) but will score 24 pts


LT will prove why he's the best RB in football by having 32 more yards and 1 more TD than AD

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