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"This week starts what should be a much bigger challenge than 2008. Only one player rushed for over 100 yards when the Eagles visited last year and that was Frank Gore's 101 yards. Even Adrian Peterson was held to just 83 yards on 20 carries."


well...as a dwill owner this is certainly bad news....just kinda wondering if you think that no jim johnson(more noted for his blitz schemes), stewart bradley, and brian dawkins will have an impact on the eagles run d this year....bradley looked like he was really turning into quite a player....and of course...dawkins is dawkins...those are some big losses....not to mention carolina has some beasts up front with gross, wharton, and otah

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The loss of Johnson will have the biggest effect I would guess but what he leaves will last for a while even without him. When I deal with defenses, I try to consider them as an entire more than a collection of individuals. And week one is always so very sketchy anyway. Good defenses typically have great success despite defections.


The only time I really consider the defensive players themselves is for cornerback matchups but even that is hard to rely on since teams move their top wideouts around often to get better matchups.


I will agree with you that the decline of DW may not be as bad as feared and in no small part to the injury to Stewart. For week one, I go largely on what teams bring over from the past seasons and then get to adjust all that in week two with actual data.

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