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reggis bush advice


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i'm not feeling too confident with bush this year after reading through articles/info... he seems like an afterthought in NO offense. I mean it's like he might only see 6-10 runs a game with a few rec. Last season when he was healthy he was a monster in ppr, but this year i dont know if he'll get the same opportunites. With that being said should i look to trade him for an upgrade at w/r and deal with j.jones until lynch comes back. earlier this week i was offered marshall for him but i declined that trade. i think i'll be able to land ocho or marshall from the team i declined earlier this week...what should i do? Thanks in advance


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With your WR3 situation, I would definitely make either trade (I would take Ocho over Marshall). You'll be more than fine with Jones or Lynch @ RB2 given the sweet 3 WR combo you'd have. Plus, even though I'm a Bush fan, it's only 1/2 ppr and he's bound to get hurt again. Think of it this way, even if he doesn't get hurt, will he significantly outperform Lynch or Jones in a 1/2 ppr? I would make the trade.

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I'd keep him for the time being if it's a PPR....


Brees recently said that he thinks Bush is in for the best year of his career....nothing is changing, they have a plethora of weapons and they plan on using them...


Bush should average 5 receptions a game and average at least one big play a game....

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