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Week 1 Start L. White or D. Henderson


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Hey all,


Here is my starting lineup for WEEK 1, the problem is I am not sure if it is smarter for me to start L.White vs Steelers or move Leon washington to RB and start Devery Henderson as my Flex and bench White. White going against tough steeler defense, while saints going against the Lions weak defense.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


My Starting Roster

QB - Aaron Rodgers

RB - Marion Barber

RB - L. White

WR - Greg Jennings

WR - Derrick Mason

WR - DeSean Jackson

TE - Greg Olsen

W/R/T Flex - Leon Washington

DEF - Tennessee

K - Ryan Longwell



RB - Jonathan Stewart

WR - Nate Washington

WR - Nate Burleson

QB - Matt Hasselbeck

WR - Devery Henderson

TE - Brent Celek

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Thanks for all the help guys!! White it is. haha. The guy I am playign has Brees so I was hoping by maybe startin Henderson I can balance out any points he throws to him but White is the safer bet.




when you play the balancing points angle by either drafting a WR that plays with your QB or starting a WR/QB that plays on the same team as a WR or QB on the opposing team because they are on the same team.....you are only limiting what your team can do...


good luck this week...

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