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Congrats, Bengals and fans!


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The first game between the Steelers and Bengals, I thought the Steelers blew it. They had them down and didn't finish. But props to the Bengals for not giving up and hanging in there. My apologies, but I was not completely sold on the Cincy D. Even the way they manhandled the Ravens I still wasn't sold. I guess I'm just used to Cincy's D being not too good.


Well, today with the division on the line, the Bengals D came to play. No excuses from this Steelers fan. You guys manhandled our O-line the whole game. That last chance by the Steelers turned into not much of a chance at all thanks to the relentless pressure by the Bengals D. Now that's how you play defense with a killer instinct! I am sold. The Bengals DO have a defense finally and barring a complete meltdown, should have the division locked up. Hopefully we meet again in the playoffs.


Congrats to the Bengals. A team I never really hated like the other 2 in our division. Perhaps I start hating them now. Make our division proud in the playoffs. You guys will be there I'm sure of it.

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give us our moments, will you? they only come around once a decade.




Being best in the Playoffis is when it counts. Pittsburgh has won two Superbowls this decade when they were NOT best during the season, but tore it up when it counted. (I'm not going to lie to anyone and pretend I HOPE Bengals play them again in the playoffs.....I sincerely hope they DON'T). They have also had stellar regular seasons, only to lose in playoffs. So now is not the time to get giddy.......................


BUT..................as a fan who never has had much opportunity to get giddy, I will enjoy a lot of "At least for right now....." joy.


At least for right now........the Bengals are not only the best team in the AFC North, but one of the handful of the best teams in the entire league.


And it is in large part due to the the fact that they have...............at least for right now........one of the upper tier defenses in the league. The two best impact players on DEF yesterday were Fanene (filling in for Odom) and Brandon Johnson (filling in for Rivers). It has always amazed me through the years how Pitt and NE (and Balt) have seen great players leave, but still not lose a beat on defense. I'm convinced that it's buy in to a system (with players that suit it), and not just a collection of great players. There are great players, Poalamalu is the best current example. He is an awesome player, and makes Pitt much better. But they are still an incredible DEF without him. (I think they psyche themselves out a little bit when he's out, which hurts them more than the talent drop). I hope Zimmer doesn't get a HC job next year (he'll get interviews for sure), because as long as he's here, this DEF will stay in the top tier IMO


At least for right now........the Bengals are suddenly worthy of taking lunch money on the playground in this division, not just handing it over with a wimper. It took too long, but it is legit (at least for right now)


Prior to the game yesterday, Chad has been a KEY CONTRIBUTOR to their success. He has been a beast so far this year, with plays better than his ProBowl years. I admit I'm a little worried, he was complaining too much yesterday. I am concerned he will get in the way of the serious TEAM concept firing on all cylinders. But I'm hopeful that he gets himself in check.


Carson sucked yesterday (but give Pitt DEF a rightful kudos for that), except in one area. He managed the game. He was smart enough to realize his DEF was gonna give them the chance to win. I don't think he forced anything (well, maybe after the first drive, he forced a couple there). We have seen early this year that he certainly can take charge when needed. I'm glad he's no prima donna (he only throws to one) when it comes to "whatever it takes to win".



The Bengals O-line (a-l-f-r-n) is playing WAAAAAY better than they are on paper. As great as Benson has been this year (he's been really great!), a LARGE measure of that goes directly to them. They are as tenacious as the whole DEF.


I'm still worried long-term about 1) injuries and 2) complacency.........but not today.


Geez, that's a lot to write in one post.............I really should be working a little harder!

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