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Worst week I've ever had


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OMFG!! I scored a grand total of 67 points!


Due to a trade I did last week to get Schuab, I had to start A. Smith. A wonderful 2 points. I also had my all pro tight end V. Davis that garnered me a whole 1 point. So thinking that my other players will make up the difference!!!! GARG!!!


DWill did alright but no TD's for only 13 points.

PT was silent with a mere 3 points

Beanie was my best player which gave me 24 points (Go Beanie!)

B. Edwards which Cotchery stole the show for the most part only gave me 5 points

DJax at least was included in the shoot out, just no TD's for 9 points

Crosby, if he had hit that 53 yarder would have gotten a decent amount of points (3 points for the FG and 3 bonus points for 50+ yards), but, only gave me 5 points


and then lastly, my Broncos failed me and only gave me 5 points.


The only player to get me a TD (actually 2) was beanie. I've never had such a bad week!!!


Hopefully no one else feels my pain!


Ooooh, not only that... I was tied in the football pool to which I picked NE and the other guy picked IND. Bill Belichick cost me $190!!!


Now, I have one more chance in my other league to which I'm leading by 5.75 (PPR league) but he has D. Mason. By the way everything else is going, I can expect Mason to get at least a TD tonight :wacko:


Sorry, just ranting this morning!!!

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