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Excel 2007 Pivot Table help


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Here's a challenge for you.


When working in a pivot table I want to use the label filter on one of the fields. Problem is I want to use it for multiple text strings on the same field.


For instance, I want to grab items that have 74130 OR 74135 or 73265 in them.


I can't seem to make anything but one string of text work here. I would think there's got to be a way to do this with some sort of specific command.



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I have not worked in 2007, but, I am guessing you don't mean you are looking to filter a certain field which you can do by clicking on the drop down arrow on each of your fields, which provides you checkboxes to select which values to hide/display?


Correct. That's the manual filter. You can select an option that allows multiple filters in a single field, but apparently that means a manual filter, a label filter, and a values filter.


What I'm trying to do is use multiple filters for the one label filter.


It really doesn't seem like it's possible which is very stupid on Microsoft's part if that's the case.

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Excel 2007 is so much easier!!!!! :wacko:


Sorry can't help, just wanted to add that new Excel sucks!

i initially hated office 2007 but it has really grown on me and don't think it is all that bad but I did HATE that damn ribbon at first

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