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LSU/Ole Miss - lol @ wt*


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Anyone catch this? First Miss lets LSU basically waltz down the field to score and get within 2 - LSU misses the 2 - and on the onsides kick, the Miss guy it rolls to PURPOSELY gets out of the way to let it bounce by and an LSU guy grabs it. :wacko:


But wait, it gets worse - WAY worse. In a move that makes Bilicheat vs the Colts look brilliant, LSU, who is trying to drive for a game-winning FG and is near midfield, first lets the clock go from about 25-30 secs down to 9 before calling a time out (their last). Then they throw a hail mary to about the 2 - and amazingly, get it - so clock stops to move the chains (1 second left now) - all they have to do is trot out the FG team for little more than an extra point - but next thing you know the QB is out there under the center (??) and.......again, with 1 second left....he SPIKES THE BALL.


lmfao @ both of these teams. Glad Miss beat LSU for a change, but neither deserved to win.

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What made matter worse - LSU was in the kickers FG range, but instead of trying to run the ball to get a little closer they decide to pass.


1st - a 9 yrd sack - now out of range


2nd - a screen pass that resulted in a 7 yrd loss.


Les Miles is a complete bonehead - and I hope LSU sees the this and fires the dummy.

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couldn't find your link to the PC but the press conference I watched today he looked like a guy trying to blame everyone else. Honestly he was a stumbling mess. Own it Les. You and your staff were totally unprepared for the situation and the entire nation saw it. :D

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