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NEVER join an AntSports League


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To anyone listening out there let me give you some sage advice from someone that has been playing FF for over 20 years. I have been in leagues with all kinds of formats, but eventually found and loved this victory point system I found at AntSports. They also use a Blind Bidding system for waivers which is the only way waiver should ever be determined IMO. They also offer keeper and redraft leagues. I have been in a keeper league at AntSports for 7 years and joined a 2nd keeper league this year, because I had always that it was well run. Well that is the past.


This week at the trade deadline, the commissioner (who is the site owner) rejected a perfectly good trade where the guy in contention this year was getting WR V. Jackson, S. Holmes, and RB W. Parker. In exchange the guy playing for next year was to get WR A. Bryant (to be kept in the 10th round), D. Bowe (9th round keeper) and RB C. Wells (3rd round keeper). While Jackson is clearly the best player in the deal, he cannot be kept next year, Holmes would cost a 2nd round pick if kept so not worth it, and Parker has no value this year or next.


Where does he get off telling us this is lopsided, really, for who? Team 2 is clearly loading up for a run next year and only Bowe is really not usable this year. Team 1 really needs the WR upgrade and can afford to give up Wells and the WRs to get Jackson. In any event, any commissioner that thinks he should impose his sense of value on a trade like this is just wrong. I will be dropping both of my teams this season and hope that everyone learn from the info I have shared.



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Steve at Antsports is the owner/commisioner. I had a similar trade experience about 3 or 4 years ago in a redraft league. I had not played for money there since.


His reasoning was basically my guys I was getting would have a much better season than who I traded away....what? Isn't that why you make a trade anyway? Try to get someone you think will improve your team? I love the Victory Points and Blind bidding too.....now I only play in the free trophy leagues there.



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That's too bad, but good to know since I was looking to add them next year because I want another money league and I like the fact that they have blind bids. Anyone know of a better site that does blind bids?


Thanks for the info!

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I reached the point you are at with Antsports about 3-4 years ago. Haven't been back. My life is better as a result.

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