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"Better to light a candle than curse the darkness"


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How about we list things that we like about Winter to cheer BeeR up?

Why nice of you clyde frog, thank you...


OK I will add.....um.........................






Well OK the end of football season (run to playoffs and playoffs) are interesting. Being inside more = good excuse to drink more too. Agree w/fires in the fireplace also.




BeeR needs a nite light.

More like the entire neighborhood lit up like a Christmas tree from Nov thru Feb. :D



Coming home, getting into flannel PJ's, making a mug of cocoa and getting under a blanket on the sofa is awesome.

Please tell us you're a female and/or less than 10 yrs old.

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Things I like about winter:

1. Fire in the fireplace.

2. Smoking meats.

3. Shooting Bamby

4. Shooting Porky

5. Shooting Wiley

6. Christmas lights on other people's houses

7. Bowl Season

8. Food

9. The kids reaction to it, and the time off they get.

10. All the gift cards to Academy and Gander Mountain I get for Christmas


Things I don't like.

1. It is dark.

2. Christmas songs (I like them for about a week, but by the second week in December I'm sick of them)

3. Christmas lights on my house (what a PIA)

4. Shopping for my wife

5. The lack of productivity on the job sites. We probably lose about two to three weeks of productivity every winter due to weather and people wanting to take off, or people being there but not wanting to be there.

6. Leaves I hate raking, and 65% of the leaves in my yard are from my neighbors property.

7. Women wear to many layers of clothes (of course in some instances this can be a blessing)

8. The inevitable trip my wife plans. She always plans it so that it is as long as possible meaning I get home late one night or early in the morning and have to go to work, without any time to recoup.

9. The fact that since my wife is wearing more clothes and not showing off her beautiful legs, she doesn't feel the need to shave them as often.

10. The money spent, there I said it.

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