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Fake or Real?


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Once the kids got out, we went fake and haven't looked back. It is sooooooo much better than real.


I remember taking my last real tree to the dump and watching it fly out the back of the pick-up truck. :D What a mess dealing with a real tree was. I don't look back on it for a minute anymore. We put up a fake 7 footer in the dining room and a monster 12 incher upstairs ..... f'n is awesome. :D

Merry Christmas Bubba :wacko:

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+6, having never felt fake (I guess that makes me green since I only sample organic) , I've often wondered if there is much a a difference.


They look great, but you don't get that fresh pine scent. You gotta hang those Christmas tree air fresheners from her armpits.

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That is true, real ones droop over time. :wacko:

But they're always squeezeable and kissable. :D


Got a tree from:

http://www.treeclassics.com/ , but picked it up from their local store.

Too heavy and couldn't get it out of the box! We took it back, got our money back, and the next day the wife got a GE Tree from Kmart. It worked perfectly. Fake, pre-lighted, easy to put together, and a lot cheaper.

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Okay, this will be lost at the bottom of this tree thread but as soon as I read this topic it tossed me back to a time in life when I was 15 years old.


A really pretty girl that lived up the street from me that was the older sister, (I would say about 20 at the time), of one of my good friends went away for a while and came home with a really nice looking rack. It was nowhere near the rack that this really flat chested girl went away with. Anyway, one weekend night we are up my friend’s house late when older sister comes home after being out at a party. One of us makes a comment about the boobs and just like that she pops them out to show us. There are three of us sitting there and we are in shock. She starts telling us about the great job they did and explains how they did it with no real scare etc. Then the best part of my younger puberty happens to me. She asks me to feel them and tell her if they felt just like real ones. I had very minimal experience with real ones and certainly no real ones like these so as I squeezed a few times, I just said they feel like all the other boobs that I have squeezed.


I was one happy camper at that point but I did glue the underwear to my junk that night.

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