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List your dangerous Childhood memories below


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Once I was over at a friend's house as his mom was watching me while my parents were at work or something.


I got pissed at my friend because he wouldn't play with me and was playing with someone else. I grabbed a big rock and chucked it at him hitting him in the head. I was so worried after I did it, both for him and what my parents would say when they picked me up at the end of the day.


Like H8tank, I guess I thought "I will not be ignored".



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Skitching- Not sure if that term is universal but here it meant when it snowed grabbing the back bumper of a car at a red light and sliding on the snow while holding the bumper when the car took off

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We used to hit passing cars with acorns propelled by tennis rackets. If my kids ever do this I will kill them. If anyone ever does it to me I will hunt them down and kill them. Yet at the time it seemed like such harmless fun. :dumbass:



We also used to make a life size dummy with a basketball head, light him on fire, and hang him over telephone wires and drop him onto passing cars. Another brilliant bit of harmless childhood fun. :D



Did I mention we had roman candle fights as well? We'd light them, stand 15 feet apart, and fire them at each other. Amazingly no one ever went to the ER.



We used to put cinder blocks in piles of leaves so if anyone decided to plow through said pile of leaves with their car they ended up with some front end alignment issues.


Wait a minute, was this movie based on your life? :wacko:

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i used to crash hugh and whomper's slumber parties and when they were asleep, put their hands in warm water..... and i decided to shave one of their heads. wasn't sure which one cause it was dark.


That was Whomper's back, not his head, just for the record.

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set up a pup tent in the back yard.

lay down inside said pup tent.

spread bread outside of door flap.

shoot feasting birds with dart gun, bb gun.



i was 12 and my older brother's friend, 16, was picking on me

so as we sat around the picnic table,waiting to go and shoot some more birds.

i threatened to shoot the kid and for some reason he got up and ran,

i chased him and shot him in the back of the leg with one of them fuzzy darts....



neighborhood rivalry...we would do chit in the other groups neighborhood (suburbs mind you)

then the 'bad' group from that neighborhood would get blamed for it by the parents..

so we burned down their playground shed with all the playground equipment in it....

THEY had to pay for replacing everything.....lol, golden!



scariest thing was being read my rights, by a detective, sitting at my own kitchen table

with my dad sitting right there. i was 16 scared the chit out a me...kinda scared me straight....long story.

they wanted to send me away....

but there were many a bad nights with our gang, Black October, that i got away with before that night...and some after it.


looking back, all good times, nobody really got hurt, to bad. :wacko:

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one other truly scary thing....almost dying...lol, that's kinda scary


15 or 16, after work one night we went cruisin in my fiends van.

i drank half a bottle, 720 liter size, of Southern Comfort, in about 20 minutes.

i got home, up to my room and passed out.

started puking while out cold on my back...started choking and my brother

just happened to hear, came over, turned my head and probably saved my life.

he told me that story, i have vague memories of it....


hey, i love me some Jimi, but no need to follow him down that path...whew!

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Skitching- Not sure if that term is universal but here it meant when it snowed grabbing the back bumper of a car at a red light and sliding on the snow while holding the bumper when the car took off



We called it the same thing here in MN.


Let's see...what can I admit...


There was this hugh pine tree in the corner of the school property. Probably 40-50 feet. we used to bundle up in a down jackets for a little cushioning, climb as high as possible in the tree and then jump out and "ride" the branches/boughs down to the ground.


Took golf balls apart to get at the rubber banding inside, stretch it across a neighborhood street from one tree to another... maybe a little glue and sand on it, just at windshield height....that bicyclist wasn't very happy that one time...


Not too far from that pine tree, was a Josh Gordon covered dirt type road that led down to the gravel pits we used as a swimming hole. My younger brother raced motorcross. He'd take his bike up and down the street couple times, get the cops to chase him back down that dirt road, after they went by we'd jump out with a couple boxes of nails/tacks and scatter them all over the path they'd have to use to come back out after he lost them. Then we'd hide back up in the woods and watch. :D We got away with that one a couple times, until that one time after the cops got their tires changed and left and down the road there's my dumbass brother pushing his bike... out of gas. :wacko:



sigh...we grew up in a great neighborhood...good times...

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