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Traditional Holiday Meals

BS Miscreant

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I grew up with both Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners being the traditional Turkey with ham, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, stuffing/dressing, cranberry sauce, etc. Well, after already having done Thanksgiving, I have recently learned that for the sake of convenience we will be doing something along the lines of pans of lasagna and/or spaghetti with bread and salad because it's an easy meal for mass consumption. The usual makers of the meal just don't want to do another big meal.

I don't like this one bit. I'd rather do the whole damn thing myself than do Italian(no offense. could be Mexican or Chinese for all I care) for Christmas dinner. For what it's worth I will be offering to put the whole thing on myself and of course ask the other traditionalists for assistance.


What would you do?


Protest loudly hoping for the status quo?


Go with the flow? Hell, I'm not making it.


Build a bonfire and sacrifice family members(or live turkeys) in the name of the cause?


Do your own damn thing regardless of the decision of the masses?


Drink heavily? That does make most things seem better, or at least more tolerable.

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Well, for starters, I think you should cross of complaining unless you're truly prepared to take on the meal yourself and do a good job of it. That's the first thing.


As for the actual issue, the T-day meal has always been more etched in stone than Xmas in my house. I can recall any number of meals we've had. Then again, it would be rather odd for me to get too hung up on Xmas tradition considering that I don't even practice the religion that it celebrates.


In general, however, I see this as a somewhat odd place to be a divisive element among those close to you. Whether or not it's about the birth of christ for you, it should be, at very least, a time to come together with your family, not get in a pissing match over what everyone is eating.

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Well, for starters, I think you should cross of complaining unless you're truly prepared to take on the meal yourself and do a good job of it.

To each their own but I'd rather have a lousy ham than a great lasagna on Christmas. If they stand fast on this and refuse to help or even want to "go there," I'd either make my own and eat it before I went over or go out somewhere for it, then eating real light over there. Either way I eat turkey on Thanksgiving and ham on Christmas, period.


PS: in fact, you might want to purposely not do a good job so they have incentive to help next year. Lazy bastages. :wacko:

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Tradition is important to me for some reason that I have yet to fully comprehend. However, my opinion is usually lost in the whirlwind that is Ms Cid's family. Therefore I opt for drinking heavily.

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Xmas eve


If your Italian lasagna is traditional.




Along with a turkey for us :wacko:



:D I was just coming here to post this

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In my family, the Christmas meal always featured some sort or roast, be it fresh ham, smoked ham, turkey, prime rib, leg of lamb.... the other holidays had a set main course. Easter, lamb... New Years, fresh ham.... Thanksgiving Turkey, etc. Lasagna might be another entree.


If I were you, since turkey is a major undertaking, I'd buy a good spiral smoked ham, and make a side or two, maybe baked potato, sweet potato, and something like a string bean casserole. Minimum prep, traditional and easy. This stuff just has to be thrown into the oven... easy. You get at least some of the traditional dishes you want, but with little trouble to put it out.


Turkey means stuffing, gravy, mashed taters, several veggie dishes, it's a lot of work. Smoked ham is traditional and easy.

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