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Game of the Ages - 2009 version

Henry Muto

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Well folks we have another "Game of the Ages" game this week and it is hard to believe that an event like this could happen in back to back years but it has. We all remember well last year's Game of the Ages when I lost in heart breaking fashion when I sat S-Holmes. This is like seeing Halie's comet 2 years in a row things like this just don't happen but indeed it has.


PPR league all TD's 6 pts


This year's Game of the Ages comes just before playoff time.


I am currently 7-4 and 1 game back of the guy who I play and only 1 of us is getting into the big dance if he wins then my only hope is to take the league crown in total pts (only 2 teams get into the playoffs) if I win then I have a chance to get total pts or record still.


So without further ado here is the line ups for the "Game of the Ages" 2009 version


Chimeras team - my team and my most famous team which my legend was built around and thus why my logo is a "Chimera" on this site.

Back in 2003 I nearly won the original Fantasy Jungle high stakes league finishing 3rd out of 72 teams when I went with now patented draft technique of going 4 WR's with your 1st 4 picks...which has since now known just as "the Muto" as I was called "crazy" and "dead money sucking up all the good WR's"...well if it wasn't for the infamous sitting of the StL kicker or DF that year I win it all not to mention Favre going nuts vs Oaktown.


In any event I once again built a team on WR strength but this was indeed NOT "the Muto" as only my 1st pick was a WR the rest just fell into place.






Caddy WIlliams (losing Ronnie Brown a huge blow)

Randy Moss

Brandon Marshall 14.6 pts in the books

S-Rice (a huge waiver wire pick up)

S-Holmes (flex player hurt by Roeth out)

H-Miller (Losing O-Daniels a crushing blow to my team)


Balt or Cincy DF (both great match ups)


Possible subs Massaquoi for Holmes or Jamal Lewis/Chris Brown for Caddy


The enemy's team


Palmer (Cin) (plays the Browns ouch)

Jackson (StL) A monster

Addai (Ind) Played great this year

Smith (Car) Let's go Revis let's Go!!!!!!

Smith (NYG) 14.1 pts in the books

Cotchery (NYJ)

Clark (Ind) #1 TE since my boy Daniels is now out

Akers (Phil)

NY Giants Only 3 pts in the books

Williams (Mia) "isn't it ironic"...ya he has Williams vs terrible Buf while by boy sits on the sidelines...ya it hurts.


I think I am the underdog here folks I really need the Brady to Moss connection on Monday night to go wild to have a chance.


Interestingly I have only 2 players playing on Sunday afternoon from 1-7 PM.


I have 3 players on Sunday night (If I stick with Balt)

And 4 on Monday night


I might be down 150-50 and need a 100 point comeback in this game of the ages.


So do I go Balt or Cincy DF ?


Do I stick with Caddy shack and Holmes ?


Your help is appreciated my great huddler friends...be part of the "Game of the Ages" and be part of history saying you gave a helping hand in the key decisions made this week.

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