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Is this collusion?


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Telling someone that they started a player on a bye is not against the rules. But, it is up to that player to manage his own team. If he is stupid enough to net check his lineup then that's too bad for him. And when someone points it out to him, I will pay them back for that.

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Our league requires that you start a tight end and you can choose to have a back up with one of six bench spots. Most people do not carry a second tight end and take their chances with their starter until they need to make a move on bye weeks and then drop them immediately after.

So this past week, one team had their tight end get injured (Celek, even though he's playing). By mid-Monday he's had a whole day to pick up a new tight end just in case. So everyone else thought it would be funny to drop players we weren't using to pick up any extra tight ends out there to force him to use the leftovers.


We say its not collusion because no one is making one team better by making another team worse. Plus, he had every opportunity to pick someone up after sundays game, which is fair.


He says it is collusion because we all collectively agreed to do it.


For the record, we dropped our pick ups after he cried about it for two days. It's a small money pool and done more for fun so it was no big deal to everyone. And yes, playoff implications are a factor if he loses this week.


Any thoughts?


Please tell us that this guy made the playoffs and now has a chance to stick it to all of you douchebags.

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