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Who is the better pickup, A. Bryant, K. Britt, Avery or J. Avant with DJax out?


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I have DeSean Jackson. He might be out this week and possibly longer. Tight ends and WR's are the same thing. I am thinking of replacing Brent Celek with one of these WR's.


Scoring 10% yardage, rushing and receiving, 5 points TD's, no PPR.


I am looking at this week and possibly beyond because some of my players may not play when it is playoff time.


This is my receiving corp. I have to have 6 on my roster and must start 4 each week


DeSean Jackson(INJURED),Vincent Jackson(SD),Steve Smith(CAR), Vernon Davis(SF), Nate Burleson(SEA) and Brent Celek(PHI). Remember TE and WR are the same



Who would be the best pickup for this week and the rest of the season. I was originally thinking Antonio Bryant would be the best of the bunch.



Antonio Bryant(TB) Seem to have a decent schedule down the line.

Kenny Britt(TENN) Coming on strong, INDY this week and a decent schedule

Jason Avant(PHI) more of a protection for Desean Jackson

Donny Avery(STL) still number one guy, and they will be playing from behind

I also forgot Austin Collie(INDY) is available.


Which one would you pick up? Can you explain why and what order you would pick them, since I might not get my first pick.


Plus, are any of these guys better than Brent Celek, or should I just keep Celek and start him?



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I have a very similar situation. I have some gut feelings added to knowledge and some guesswork. I'd love some opinions on this but to get it started, I'll list these players according to how I'm currently feeling.



1. Kenny Britt Rookie that has done well, new QB who likes him, very talented, has something to prove, angry team that has been playing incredible lately and will do anything to upset their division rivals this week. Downside is that, while I am impressed w/ V. Young as a Titans QB, I don't trust him for fantasy and therefore have doubts about his receivers.


2. Jason Avant He has been solid the last three weeks and the Eagles will very likely be without D. Jackson this week. If you're looking for rest of the season though, I probably wouldn't put him as #2.


3. Antonio Bryant I live in Tampa and watch all of the Bucs games. Bryant is one of the most talented players on the team but has been hampered all year with injuries. Last week he had a good FF week but keep in mind that it was only on three receptions. However, he is the #1 WR and I think defenses will be very distracted by Winslow and give Bryant a few more opportunities. His situation is still in the air though as he has only recently become healthy.


4. Donnie Avery The only other Rams player worth owning besides SJax. I just cannot trust the Rams offense this late in the fantasy season. He has 4 catches each of the last three games ranging between 48 and 67 yards. 2 TD week 10, 0 week 11, 1 week 12. This is a pretty decent output in three weeks and if he were on a different team, I'd call him a solid #2, maybe even low #1. But, he is on the Rams. He could go big but you cant count on him.


5. Austin Collie Very talented and catching balls from one of the best QBs of all time. I just don't trust him to perform as a viable FF starter, though. I don't have a whole lot to back that up, just don't feel it. I could be 1000% wrong but, I personally am not buying in.



Anyway, thats just where I'm at on these but I still don't know what I'm going to do myself =)

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