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Is CJ Untradeable?

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Earlier this year, i pretty much STOLE Chris Johnson as i only gave up Kevin Smith and TJ Housh. :wacko: We all know he's been on a tear lately and is putting up HUGE numbers. In my leauge, we go by points instead of records. I was offered Sidney Rice and Rashard Mendenhall for CJ? Should i take this trade? Mendenhall is playing, sadly, my Raiders this week and should put up very good numbers against our D. Rice is Favre's top target and they will keep playing till the end as they are fighting fot the #1 seed in the NFC. So in other words, do you think giving up CJ is worth it when im getting Mendenhall and Rice? HELP!

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From just reading the title, I would have answered yes. But I think getting Mendenhall and rice improves yours team. The Steelers are committed to Mendhenhall except on 3rd down. Rice is clearly the # 1 target in Minn. You may lose a little at RB but you gain a lot of WR. I'd do this.


Please see mine:



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I'd keep Johnson...


I think Mendenhall and Rice are good players but looking at your team I beleive its better with CJ..


I could be way wrong but I'm not completely sold one rice.. Yes he has had a awesome 3 or 4 games but that doesnt mean he will keep producing.. CJ is 70% of the titans offense...

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I traded him four weeks ago for Brady straight up. I had MJD, Benson, and R.Will, so he seemed like the logical choice at the time. Although I'm somewhat regretting it at this point, I think that Brady will help pay dividens during the playoffs. But I wouldn't trade him now, right when he is blowing up.

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he had 5 catches for 57 yards and a TD... that's 16.7 points in a PPR.


Four of his games were significantly worse. Another four we're essentially the same, leaving only two games as a better FF performance.


Lastly, TB is ranked 11 against the pass (pretty good) and with a banged up RB group, TB didn't have to completely sell-out against the stud RB Turner.



No, I'm not saying that Redman is as good as Ryan, but for FF purposes, it didn't affect White at all since it was actually a slightly better FF performance than average.


Ya, but if you watched the game, White was in the wrong spots on several plays in the beginning, and even after that, with Redman throwing 13 targets to both him and Gonzalez, White was only able to finally score after 7 downs at the goal-line (due to a penalty). Had it not been for "7th time's a charm", he would have put up something like 4 for 50 on 12 targets. Not so hot.... Redman didn't look too bad, but I still have 0 confidence in him.


With that said, White and Tony G are still the only really legitimate targets here, so I'd expect him to still be a consistent option. To the OP, if this deal only serves as a replacement for White, then I wouldn't do it. I like Rice a little better than White right now, but CJ is CJ. I don't think you can rely on Mendenhall to do what he does every week.

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i would keep cj.


how and why are you able to trade this late in the year? is this a keeper league?


This was my first question as well. Most leagues have a trade deadline of last week or the week before (ours was 11/20). This prevents bad trades from teams no in the playoffs.


I'd want slightly more even though I love Rice. At first I thought you'd be getting Ray Rice.


I do like S.Rice over Austin though.


I have him and he is untradeable for me.

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