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Tough Decision at DST


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we get 2 pts every INT or Fumble. 1 pt for every sack. 6 pts every defensive or special teams TD. We start with 10 pts for yds against and 10 pts for points allowed when the game begins (20 total points). These points totals (10 for points and 10 for yds against) drop in increments of two all the way down to zero as the defense finally hits 31 pts against and 300 yds against.


Ravens play Packers in Lambeau on Monday night

49ers play Seahawks in Seattle

Cowboys play Giants in NJ


Which DST would you play and why?



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After some of the advice I offered up last week, I am reluctant to post any kind of response related to a D/ST situation, but if you are willing to take the 1st 12 weeks of the season on faith & assume that last week was a hiccup, I'll take the DAL defense ... they have been playing pretty strong of late, while the NYG have been going in the opposite direction. The SFO defense against SEA seems like a decent pick as well, but I think DAL will be a stronger play as far as sacks & turnovers go, since that matters in your scoring system.

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TS -


I currently have the Cowboys plugged in....but am still torn on this issue. The Packers have a better offense than the Giants, but they also have a horrible offensive line that could give up lots of sacks and put Rodgers in a position to throw picks that could result in a Def TD. If Suggs was playing for the Ravens, this decision would be a lot easier - but he ain't. The Cowboys should be able to get sacks vs the Giants. The Giants offensive has been limited lately. But, the Cowboys are limited in terms of playmaking ability on defense.


I see the Giants and the Pack scoring at least 20 points. Question is, which defense, Ravens or Cowboys, will limit their opponents yards and put up the most "junk" points?


Still leaning to Cowboys...but kicking the tires again...


BTW...your five year advice track record with me (which is awesome) speaks for itself.

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