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Waiver Wire Dilemma on MyFantasyLeague - 2 Questions


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Hey Guys,


I need a little help. Let me give you a short background story and then I have 2 questions.


:wacko: I have a team owner in my league (I am Commish) who just called me because he wanted to pick-up a replacement for Carney, since he just looked and found out that Carney is out for this week. Unfortunately, in our rules it states that all players are locked at the start of the first game of the week and become part of the waiver wire process until Wednesday night when they become free agents. In this case, he isn't able to pick someone up for this week to play as a replacement. He has asked me to put a league vote to change that rule (starting next week) to lock each player only when their respective game starts.


I am fine with putting it to a vote, but before I do, I wanted to find out if this is even possible. The current pre-packaged waiver process we have on MFL (Package Waiver Request 1a) states this:


Waiver Request 1a

Waiver requests starting at kickoff of the first game of the week until

Wed at 11:00 PM ET

and then first come, first served until kickoff of the first game of the following week.

Waivers end for the season:

Kickoff of Week: 17 (Sun Jan 3 1:00:00 p.m. ET 2010)


I looked at the other Pre-Packaged Waiver Types that MFL has to choose from and all of them say "Waiver requests starting at kickoff of the first game of the week."


Here are my 2 questions I have:

Q1: How do I set up the system to allow Team Owners to pick up players as free agents prior to their respective game starting and then put the players on a waiver process as above? :D For example, in the example above, all players currently lock at the start of the Thursday game, and 1 team wants to pick up a back up for Carney on Saturday or Sunday morning before the Saints game starts.


Q2: Is there any negative implications for doing the waiver process like this? :D The only one I see pertaining to our league has to do with trades using the same rules, where maybe 2 teams want to trade players players after the Thursday game, but prior to the Sunday games. In this scenario, we have a 24 hour voting process for trades and we would have to get rid of that, but that is an argument for another day.


Thanks for any help you can provide.

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