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What do you need on Monday night ?

Henry Muto

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OK I will start it off and make it simple. Screw all of my other 147 leagues I only care about 1 main league this Monday night.


$1300 and a NFFC league championship plus I will punch my ticket to the overall playoffs and a chance at $30,000 more.

If I lose I get nothing.


I am in a 3 way race for most total pts in this league.


I am finished no players Monday night.


I am 60 pts up on a guy who has Driver and Mason


I am 84 pts up on a guy who has Flacco, Ray Rice and Crosby.


QBs 1 pt per 20 pass, 1 pt per 10 rush, 6 pts all TDs

RBs 1 pt per 10 rush/rec, 1/2 pt per catch, 6 pts all TDs

WRs 1 pt per 10 rush/rec 1 pt per catch, 6 pts all TDs

Ks 1 XP, 3 FG plus bonus .1 per yard over 30 yards


I looked up the high scores for each player on the year


Driver's high 27

Mason 23

Flacco 34

Rice 36

Crosby 15


So according to this I should be a near lock.

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I have Rodgers and Grant against Flacco and Ray Lewis and I'm down by 9pts. I'm locked into the 2nd place spot with a by next week, but still would like to win. I also need 27 plus points from Rodgers to win the Offensive Player of the Year award over Brees.



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A) I need JMike Finley + Packers Defense to get me 17 points.


:wacko: I also need Derrick Mason and Ryan Grant to do nothing, but that only applies if A doesnt happen.


If A happens, I become the #1 seed. (Currently #2)

If the opposite of B happens, the #3 person beats me in point total and he gets the bye.




..i'm a die hard packers fan, and i dont want grant to do well. But i want him to do well. It sucks.

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