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Awkward situation


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Church (our church is very small, only about 150 people; everyone knows everyone else, pretty much)



Sunday morning, three weeks ago




Wife of new pastor on her first Sunday at church; she is about my age

Very nice single lady about 10-15 yrs older than me who helps out in the nursery quite a bit (who, for reference, is as wide as she is high)

My 9 month old son






Me (to Pastor's Wife): My wife is over there (points over PW's shoulder to a crowd of people) and we have four kids. Tell me about your kids.


PW: ...blah blah blah blah...


Me (as Nice Single Lady walks up carrying my son): Oh, here is my youngest.


PW turns around and sees the NSL, smiles and says to her: Hi, I'm PW, nice to meet you Mrs. Muck.


NSL laughs and says to the PW: No, I'm not his wife, she's over there (points to Muckette); I'm just carrying around their adorable son!


PW: Oh, I'm sorry! I just thought that...


NSL (interrupting and looking at me): Not that I wouldn't have any problem being a cougar, mind you! :D


PW: :wacko: .


Me: :D




Me: :D






NOTE: We've not been back in three weeks due to Thanksgiving travel and sickness; I wonder if the NSL or PW think we've moved on... LOL!

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