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3 questions.......Game 1 of the playoffs begin NOW!


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This is for a standard scoring format. 1 pt per every 10 yards, and 6 pts per TD.



Who is the better MSW replacement?

Breaston vs. S. F.

Devin Thomas vs. OAK

Murphy or Schillens vs WASH


Who is the better RB play?



Ganther vs. OAK


Which is the better Defensive play?

AZ vs S.F.


Tampa vs NYJ (No Sanchez) Clemons will start in his absence.


Thanks for reading! Please post up your suggestions, and leave a link so I can check out any of yours!

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I would give a slight edge to Murphy with the Washington defense looking a bit weaker.


I might play both Barber and Ganther, hard to choose. Ganther is an unknown quantity so a bit risky. Barber might be safer although he has not done much recently, could he bounce back? not sure.


I would choose Arizona.


Here is my link:




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I'd lean towards Murphy and hope his QB continues to lean on him. Thomas and Murphy are getting the same number of targets recently but OAK pass defense scares me.


I'd go with Ganther for the unknown. I'm pretty confident what Barber is going to do and it isn't pretty. Dallas has become a passing team.


AZ defense looked great last week allbeit at home. Tampa would be a better play if Sanchez was starting. I'd go with AZ who looks like they are coming on.


Appreciate your thoughts:


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Very close calls throughout


I like Murphy over Thomas (Thomas has been such a stiff for two years I'd be shocked if he keeps up the performance, whereas Murphy has shown flashes of skill throughout his rookie season)


You can run all day on Oakland, but we really don't know how the mix is going to shake out for the skins...MBIII is the safer bet, but if you look at your line up and think...I really need home run type potential out of this spot...I lock in Ganther and hope he breaks a long one.


ARI without a doubt on defense...can't trust Tampa who's gonna get RUN on limiting the opportunities for turn overs


Best of Luck,


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