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Dos Perros gets reviewed


Man, it's been a freaking struggle. Having gotten a ton of pre-opening exposure, we opened to pretty insane crowds. Crowds, frankly larger than I would have preferred. I think we did about as well as we could expect considering the circumstances but certainly didn't bat 1.000 or anything close to that. However, we worked like hell to get things under control and I've been happy to see the on-line reviews (I think Opentable is the most reliable source for reasons I think deserve another thread) go from being quite a mixed bag to uniformly very good to excellent over the last months. This seems culminated in our first official review.


Dude uses a 5 star system and I was hoping for 4. Didn't even want 5 because I don't think we're that kind of place (mind you, I also don't think we're deserving of 5, regardless of the criteria, anyway). Technically, at least according to the local critic, you don't have to be fancy to be 5 stars, but people don't seem to get that and I find that those places who do end up being subject to insane hyper-scrutiny. They also get pigeon holed by most to be just occasion dining. I just want Dos Perros to be a fun place to go and get a great meal. Maybe for the right kind of person, it could be an anniversary destination, but you'd better be laid back, 'cause it's not that kind of place. Great for birthdays, first dates, that sort of thing, just don't expect a quiet and romantic affair.


At any rate, very pleased. Also stoked that this virtually assures that we'll make the "best of 2009" list that will come out next month as he always includes a list of best newcomers.

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Thanks all for the good vibes.


It was a great weekend and everyone seemed to have a good time. Mind you, the proof will be next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. That's where we could really use the business. Hopefully all those who called at the last minute Friday and Saturday and we had to turn away will give us a shot then.

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