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Please Help! WR/RB/FLEX


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Thanks in advance


Sounds like MSW is going to be out, need to replace him and decide on others...


Who Do I Start? PPR League


I had MSW in flex, my options are Maroney or Housh... which would you take?


Also, I have Forte and Olsen in my line-up... My league awards a 5 point bonus for playing a TE. Would you bench either of them for Maroney or Housh? I know, my team is hurting but I usually make up for it with the PPR...


Any advice will help... Thanks!

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Not liking Maroney so much with Sammy Morris back in the mix ... don't care for the idea of starting 2 Bears ... and TJH has been all but invisible for the last 6 games or so.


Even though it's PPR scoring (which offers almost zero benefit to Maroney) I think you have to take a chance on him, hoping for a short score to get you some sort of FF value from the position. TJH I suppose could finally make an appearance (he's been pretty vocal about a lack of targets recently, who knows if that will matter or not) but Maroney at least "appears" to still have the goal line RB duties for the NEP, so he gets the start by default.


Good luck.

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I know its looking ugly for the first round... I was hoping for MSW to go off and now he's likely out! Here's the line-up...


PPR LEAGUE 1 pt per


PHI TM QB (I get Vick's stats too)

M. Forte

TJ Housh

C. OchoCinco

G. Olsen +5 pt bonus for TE

J. Witten +5 pt bonus for TE




Subs: Maroney and Forsett

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Subs: Maroney and Forsett


Wait, you have Forsett as an option? Maybe a bit of a risk, but I'd be very tempted to take my chances with him in a PPR league over TJH or Maroney ... or if possible given any roster limitations, use both Forsett & Maroney, sitting Olsen ... the latter could get you 10 catches or one, unless your crystal ball can tell you which of the bi-polar Cutler flavors is going to show up this week, he seems as risky as any of your options although that 5 point TE bonus is appealing.


Tough choices, I don't envy you.

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THanks TS


I don't trust Cutler either and I'm hearing that if Hester can't play that C. Woodson is going to blanket Olsen all game...


Also read that GB has all 4 starting D Lineman listed as quetionable... could open up some opportunities for Forte


My only line-up requirement is must start 1 RB.


Starting Forsett and Housh is sketchy at best, and I'm a bias fan.

I wish Brady is forced to sit this weekend with lingering injuries... then Maroney would go off!


Any more thoughts?

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Any more thoughts?

All I can add is that out of all your possibilities, I think I like TJH the least this week ... yeah, I guess he could put up that 10 / 115 / 2 game you've been waiting for all year, but based on the past 5-6 weeks, there is really no evidence to support the idea that he will do so ... were the choice mine to make, I'd be looking at filling out my starting team with him crossed off the list of viable options. Then again what do I know? I started Mendenhall vs that horrible CLE run defense this week.



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