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Smith out which RB do I go with?


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WIth Smith done I need to Start 2 RB from this mess below.....(I'm screwed - lol)


Here's my choices... yuck:



Chris Brown @ StLouis (maybe in doghouse)

Chester Taylor @Car (well we know he won't get much)

Jerome Harrison @ KC (would Jennings be a better go?)

Quinton Ganther Home to NYGiants (facing a good D)



Ryan Moats HOU @ StLouis (fumbles may give way to Foster)

Arian Foster HOU @ StLouis

Leonard Weaver PHI @ SF (Not sure if Westy is playing)

Jennings CLE @ KC

Maurice Morris DET home to ARZ (detroit stinks enough said)


This a PPR league.


If theres a sleeper out there I need 'em more then ever!


thanks guys.


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ganther is your most reliable option.


fairly sure that jennings will start over harrison, so you'd might as well pick him up. plus the browns have two great matchups coming up.


you'd might as well drop chris brown for either moats or foster, i think brown is done. whichever you think will get the most touches.


arizona's run defense is amazing so don't touch morris this week. if the lions matchup next week alright (and you are still in contention) then you could pick him up.


this week, i'd be thinking ganther and jennings.

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I was able to Snag Jennings and Foster from the WW. I guess I'm going with Ganther. I'm worried Harrison didn't get much play cause he was sick. I will be watching close to see who is getting the start.


this is going to be a total crap shoot........ :wacko:


That's a good point about Harrison being sick, but I thought Jennings was the man once Lewis was out, and that the only reason Harrison got the start the week he blew up, was because Jennings was still nursing a shoulder injury. Yeah, that's a tough call. Maybe they will announce who is the starter soon.

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DUDE!!! Don't fall into the trap!!! Ganther played against Oakland last week! Oakland = porous, NYG = brick wall with a little give. The Giants give up points through the air, not on the ground. Unless a pass play is stopped on the 1, like last week, RB's are not great against NY. I think you should roll with Foster and Jennings. Ganther is the starter, sure, but with a committee in place against a stout run D, who knows who gets teh 1 or 2 goal line opportunities in the game, and who really knows if they convert. At least we do know that STL and KC suck against the run so even 10 carries could = 20 on a good day.

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thanks Killah. That was in the back of mind, i've been reading that the G-MEN can stop the run.


So you think Foster over Moats becasue he is on the waiver wire too? SHould I drop C.Brown or Harrison for Moats?


Also I could drop either for HOU D....I'm rolling with ARZ against DET but don't want my oppent to use them. (Although he does have MinnisD)

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For what it's worth, I agree with don't use Ganther.and I don't like the Giants. I just think Ganther has 2 weeks of tough Run"D" ahead of him. I'd go with Jennings at least and you pick the other. drop harrison if you have too I think jennings and Cribbs will keep him on the sidelines alot more now. and I'd drop brown too, pick up Foster and run with him and Jennings together. also you might see if Forsett is on your WW I know he's splitting with Julius Jones, But Forsett has been the better of the 2 and he goes up against Tampa Bay this week, they can't stop my Grandmother. :wacko: Good luck.

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