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Just watched the first episode on Hulu. Thought I'd give it a go after all the funny advertisements during the Olympics.


Great cast - almost every person was recognizable from another show or movie. Very comedic, yet deep plot that tackles a lot of issues. I think it has a lot of potential.


Two :wacko:


Anyone else watching?

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Wow, are you guys serious? I've seen the commercials and knew it was going to suck. This afternoon, while laying around nursing a hangover, I had the misfortune of actually watching an episode. It was on and the remote was not near me so I kept it on. Hot Jesus did this show suck - I think the theme song prepped me for a miserable experience as well. It's just so forced in so many ways. And can they cram anymore big name actors into that show? I've always been annoyed by that 'Punk'd' sidekick actor guy.

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