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Which Mike: Williams or Thomas and Orton or Anderson

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Currently have Mike Thomas and Chris Chambers as my WR4 and WR5. My starters are Smith CAR, Ward, Knox. I'm trying to decide whether to hold onto Thomas and Chambers or drop one for Williams. Seems to be alot of hype around Williams right now and JAC isn't the most potent passing offense.


My QBs are Favre and Big Ben. I got ben very late so I couldn't pass him up. Due Farve's bye week in week 4 i have to snag a 3rd QB. i'm looking at Anderson or Orton. I was going to go with Orton but Anderson to Fitz could lend itself to recreating the 2007 season for Anderson.


Scoring is 0.5 ppr performance league.




EDIT - this is about Mike Williams from SEA

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idk.. I prob would drop Thomas for one the Williams... I really don't know much about the one in SEA, but I kinda like the one in TB. I would think he has more upside than Thomas. I may be wrong tho. sorry :/

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