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Should I pull the trigger?


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I just finished my draft, threw away the piles of paper I worked off, signed back on and already had a trade offer. Here's the relevant info:


I have Ryan Mathews, Jahvid Best, and Jerome Harrison at RB

My top three WR's are Randy Moss, Steve Smith (Car) and Johnny Knox


So I figure I'll normally start Mathews-R. Moss and S. Smith, with Best, Harrison, and Knox mainly backups or flex options


I was offered Jonathan Stewart striaght up for Jerome Harrison


Harrison is a starter and every-down back now, but I still figure he's a backup/flex guy. Stewart is in a time share and would probably ALSO be a backup/flex guy, but IF something happens to Deangelo Williams he becomes an instant stud. Think I should pull the trigger? The only issue would be if Mathews flops and I need a consistent starter, but I figure I can worry about that if and when it happens.


So should I trade Harrison for Stewart?

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This is an interesting trade. Personally, I'm not for the RB for RB deals.


If you just finished your draft, then I think the answer to your question is this:


If you took Harrison, was Stewart already gone, and if Stewart was available, would you have taken him over Harrison?


Just decide who you would have picked first, and then go with them.

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both are on bad teams. carolina ran the ball 525 times in 2009 and browns ran it 498, so thats about even but stewart splits carries and we dont know what will happen with harrison, right now he is the starter but not much is known about how many touches the other guys will get.


Panthers have and easier schedule against the run. Although, harrison is the starter i think stewart has more upside especially if dwilliiams goes down. But either way both will problably have 1000 yd seasons and 6+ TDS

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Thanks -- Stewart was taken before I picked Harrison, I'm not sure which one I would have taken if I had the choice. I'm leaning towards not doing this, just because I feel like Chris1982 does -- why bother with a one-for-one same-position deal? I also figure that right now Harrison is starting, IF he has a good game or two maybe I can parlay him into something better; I figure he should at least be a consistent low-point scorer. Stewart might drive me nuts since he'd probably play great when I sat him and lousy when I started him :wacko:


I actually just looked back at my ranking sheet, and I Jahvid Best (who I also have), Stewart, and Harrison were my #19, #20, and #21 ranked RB's, but if I drafted without a cheatsheet I would definitely take Best before the other two.

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I assume you're talking about Stewart. But this isn't about who's good, it's about who will score fantasy points. And both have pretty decent schedules -- one thing I like about the Browns schedule is I think they only play one offensive powerhouse this year, so if their defense is halfway decent they won't be playing catchup and Harrison could get a ton of carries.


I actually am hoping Jerome goes nuts the next two weeks against the Bucs and Chiefs, and then I try to move him for a better player who looks bad because of his early matchups (Cedric Benson? Shonn Greene?)

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