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Looking at these defenses for this week


NE @BUF - should be a lock but division games always a concern in general

ARI v OAK - ARI looked good against STL but horrid vs ATL


def scoring:

2 - 6 DPAs = 7 points

7 - 13 DPAs = 4 points

14 - 20 DPAs = 1 point

21 - 27 DPAs = 0 points

28 - 34 DPAs = -1 point

35+ DPAs = -4 points


Fumbles - 2 points

INTs - 2pts

Sacks - 1pt

Safety - 4pts

Blocked FG - 3 points

Blocked Punts or XP - 2 points

Def TD - 6 pts

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NE. They got thumped by the Jets and will take out their anger on Ryan Fitzpatrick. Just the fact that they are starting Fitzpatrick says enough.

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NE's defense is not good...their front three are ok, but their young linebacker/secondary corp is problematic. My fear is that they get burnt a bit on long balls to Lee Evans (not that Fitz has much of an arm). I mean, the Jets are not a good offense and the NE defense made them look like world beaters.


Given NE is on the road (additional stress and complexity for the young defenders) I'd actually lean toward Arizona at home.


Best of Luck,


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