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Lots of Possible Trades, AHHHHH


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My team is in my sig...


I have been offered...


K. Moreno and V. Jackson for C. Benson


ALSO (different trade)


I get B. Marshall, D. Bowe AND I can pick 1 RB from J. Charles, R. Rice, M. Forte, or T. Jones

I give up

Big Ben, DeSean Jackson, M. Williams (TB), and R. Mathews


I am thinking I should take both trades, but who will do better from the 4 RB's I can choose from, I am leaning toward Jones or Charles.

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K. Moreno and V. Jackson for C. Benson


I have Vincent Jackson, but if your not Dynasty I've now come to the conclusion he's just taking up space not worth keeping. Even thou Moreno is injury prone I do like him down the stretch more then Benson



I'm not sure I'd do the trade but out of the RB's call me crazy but I like Forte or Charles

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Without knowing how many at each POS you start its hard to evaluate. That said I wouldn't do the first trade. You're giving up Benso for two players that don't really improve your team at all. The second trade may upgrade your RB but your giving up too much value for what you are getting back. I'm always nervous about a deal in which the other owner says "give me x and you can take anyone you want".


Long and short, I wouldn't do either trade.

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Thanks all it ended up being.


Big Ben and Cedric Benson




Jamal Charles and Dwayne Bowe


Seems pretty fair to me, and something about KC this season is fun and exciting to watch I think they will continue to get better each week.

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