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Vikings to Play Outside?


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On a side note, who in their right mind wants to shovel snow for six hours straight, for any amount of money? I think I'd have about six heart attacks if I tried that. :wacko:

I'm still a shovel only guy (possibly the only one left in the neighborhood). 6 hours would be pushing it though.


I'm suprised there isn't some union bitching about this.

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I can't tell if this is a joke or not.


If not, link?

Raise the roof? Praise the roof, maybe.


There might be a way to use part of the former RCA Dome (right) after all. Indianapolis has offered Minneapolis the remains of the dome roof to help repair the Metrodome. Marc Lotter, communications director for the mayor, said the Indy parks department has five acres of the roof that it had planned to recycle.


"The general stadiums were the same," Lotter said. "It might be a good use. It's a good fit."


Minneapolis engineering crews inspected the stadium Tuesday and determined its snow-damaged roof won't be ready in time for the Vikings home game Monday night against the Chicago Bears. Inspectors found damage from the weekend's blizzard was worse than initially thought. The University of Minnesota is clearing snow from its TCF Bank Stadium, and Vikings official Lester Bagley told The Associated Press the NFL has agreed to allow the game to be played at the roofless Gophers' football stadium.


link to indystar.com

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Is Lambeau heated under the turf to keep it softer, or do they play on concrete during those "ice bowl" type games?


I guess that isn't any different than those old-skool artificial turf fields they used to have. :wacko:


Just the musings of a fan with a field in a dome... :tup:

There are heating coils under Lambeau Field.

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TCF does not have heated field turf so field will be like a rock!!!


I did some research on the NFC north:


I don't think that Metropolitan stadium had heating coils, and the Vikings played there for 21 years.


The Lions played at Briggs/Tiger stadium from 1938-1974. I don't think that the field was heated.


Lambeau Field

1967: Heating coils are installed under the playing surface, but they fail to work on Dec. 31 as the Packers defeat the Dallas Cowboys 21-17 in the NFL championship game -- which comes to be known as the Ice Bowl, the coldest recorded game in NFL history. Temperatures dip to 13 degrees below zero with a wind chill of minus 46. Though official seating capacity is 50,852, official attendance is announced at 50,861.


Soldier Field

The Bears have been playing there since the 20's. As far as I can determine, they didn't start heating the field until 2003.

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