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That is one explosive orgasm

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Man accused of planting bombs in sex toys!


By QMI Agency


A Minnesota man was arrested after allegedly rigging up vibrators with explosive materials to give to his ex-girlfriends as Christmas gifts.


Terry Allen Lester, 37, from Waseca, Minn., has been charged with felony counts of creating an explosive device and making terroristic threats.


Police discovered one sex-toy bomb and materials for two others after Lester moved out of the apartment he was living in and left them behind for his roommates to find.


The roommates, two women identified as Q.P. and P.R., called the cops when they found several bags of property left behind marked “Christmas gifts,” on Dec. 31 and “discovered items that made them uncomfortable," according to a criminal complain issued by the Waseca Police Department.


Police found a black vibrator with gun powder and buck shot inside with cords attached to a trigger, a pink vibrator with the words “Merry X-mas B----” written on it in black marker, and a cream-coloured vibrator. They also found cords, cables, a tool kit and a drill case with drill pieces inside.


The women told police that Lester once let slip his plans to give one of his two ex-girlfriends a modified vibrator that would explode when he pulled the trigger.



"Lester was planning to give it to one of them because his relationship with those females ended badly," reads the criminal complaint.


A bomb squad investigated and found one of the three toys was, indeed, a homemade explosive device. The other two toys were deemed safe, but police found enough equipment to suspect Lester planned to turn them into bombs as well.



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what are ya in for

blowing up a Battery Operated Boyfriend

yer lawyer must suck

thats what she said

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He should've just covered them with ICY/HOT.

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