Kolb and Fitzgerald had a private workout?

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note: the last thread was Kolb and Seattle so I started a new one with Kolb and Arizona...unless there would be a mega-thread about Kevin Kolb :wacko:




If the Arizona Cardinals complete a long-rumored trade for Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb, training camp won’t mark the first time Kolb has thrown passes to Pro Bowl receiver Larry Fitzgerald.


A source familiar with the situation told FOXSportsArizona.com that Fitzgerald and Kolb organized a private throwing session inside Arizona State University’s Verde Dickey Center (the football team’s practice bubble) earlier this month. That would require advance planning by -- and approval of -- the university.


Fitzgerald has worked out with multiple NFL players from around the league this summer without any attempt to keep those workouts private. So why keep this one secret? Perhaps because both players knew what a media circus such a pairing would create.


Throughout the offseason, Fitzgerald has fended off suggestions he would have a say in selecting the team’s next starting quarterback. Coach Ken Whisenhunt echoed those assertions at the Super Bowl and the NFL draft, noting that while he would talk to Fitz, the decision would come from the team’s management and coaching staff.


So what should we make of this latest tidbit?


Fitzgerald was in Minnesota and unavailable for comment Thursday. So we don’t know whether Fitz called Kolb in for a private screening or if this was the final stamp of approval needed for the Cards to chase their top target.


Multiple media outlets, citing unnamed sources, have insisted Kolb is the Cardinals' guy.


Kolb has spoken glowingly of the Cardinals in all media interviews, and there are reports that he is shopping for real estate in the Valley.


Whisenhunt told The Arizona Republic’s Kent Somers this week that no one on the roster is untouchable in trade talks, a stance Whisenhunt has held the entire offseason because of the team’s 5-11 record last season.


And XTRA 910’s Mike Jurecki reported this week that the team is willing to part with cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie to acquire Kolb.


None of this will matter if the Eagles’ asking price is too high or if the Seahawks or another team offers more in return for Kolb. But what if an agreement already exists in some form?


The Cardinals insist no deal is in place for Kolb because teams are not allowed to discuss trades during the lockout. Team insiders also contend that owner Bill Bidwill is a stickler for the NFL’s rules and wouldn’t allow such backdoor dealings.


But word of Kolb secretly throwing pass after pass to Fitz creates a disconnect, making it hard to slow the rumor mill.



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earlier today the Eagles website had Rodgers-Cromartie as an available jersey for purchase and now it has been taken down once a few websites began reporting it....


I wonder if this was the Eagles trying to leverage against other teams by doing this to kick up the heat in trade talks or if this is actually going to happen...

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