Who's your darkhorse?

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Hurricane Matt

Ripped that city apart. I wish something could have been done to allow the Ilitch cleanup crew to take over.


In any case, I've been drinking the kool-aid, too. Detroit makes the playoffs this year. Also, I know it's unlikely, but I REALLY hope they take the division or at least have a better record than Green Bay. My Packers-fan buddy and I made a bet... loser wears a dress in Wal-Mart. Yeah, I'm regretting that decision.

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I'm gonna be a homer and pick the Redskins. Yes, a lot depends on The John Beck Experiment, but their last-place schedule is reasonable and their defense is going to be A LOT better than people think this year. And if we have to throw in Grossman, he'll be alright.


The Skins play very winnable games against ARI, STL, CAR, BUF, SF, MIA, SEA, MIN. That's 8 games right there. The Giants are killed by injuries on D and are struggling on offense without a capable TE or #3WR, so I think the Skins can win at least 1 of those games, maybe even both. And if the Skins can manage to win just one of the 4 games against the Cowboys or Eagles, hey, that's a 10 or 11 win season.


The entire NFC East has a phenomenally easy schedule this year and could easily send 3 teams to the postseason. But of them all, I think only the Skins can be considered a "darkhorse". I know Dallas tied the Skins for last place but the difference is that expectations are much higher for the Cowboys, whereas nobody is expecting anything out the Skins.


Those of you picking DET and TB, I understand why, but they have a much more difficult path and will be hard-pressed to get even 8 wins each.


Those of you picking teams from the NFC West (Cards, Rams, Niners), your only shot is a division title, which means the teams are basically competing amongst themselves as opposed to the rest of the NFC. And since every single team in that division is terrible (except maybe the Rams), I personally don't see how any of them can truly be labeled a "darkhorse" since by default someone HAS to be division champ.


It's funny you list the STL game as "very winnable." Around here, everyone is saying the EXACT same thing about that game against the Skins.

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It's funny you list the STL game as "very winnable." Around here, everyone is saying the EXACT same thing about that game against the Skins.


Hey, if I were a Rams fan I'd be saying the exact same thing! Same thing goes for any of the teams I listed. A game is deemed "winnable" bcs you are playing a team of comparatively equal or lesser talent. The Skins could just as easily lose all those games. I omitted the Skins' games against NE & NYJ bcs I don't think those games are winnable at all.

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