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Trying to trade Murray for Austin or Fitzgerald

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2 keeper half ppr performance league. This team in my division has a dead RB group this week with Best and McGahee out, Hightower done for the year and Turner on bye. I am offering him Murray and Washington for Austin but he doesn’t want to do that despite the fact he will have to cut McGahee for some crap on waivers (best available is Jacobs). Should I up the WR to Lloyd or just wait him out. I can start Murray v PHI over Tolbert @KC this week anyway with Forte on bye. Another option is to offer Witten with Murray but ask him to give me Austin and Hernandez. I can also try to work a deal with another team and get Fitz for Murray and Wash/Lloyd. Not sure if Fitz or Austin is a better deal.


My team

Ben, Fitzpatrick

Forte, Gore, Tolbert, Murray

VJax, Lloyd, Washington, DHB, Lance Moore





His team


Turner, Best, McGahee, Hightower

Jennings, Austin, Santana Moss, Sidney Rice, Branch






Fitzy owner’s team

Romo, Stafford

Ingram, Torrain, Stewart, Battle

Nicks, Fitzgerald, Decker, Harvin, Ford


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I would say it's gonna be hard to trade Murray. Even though he had an incredible game, it was still only 1 game. Until we see him playing at this level consistantly.. it'll be hard to get a name brand like Fitzgerald or Austin. just my 2 cents tho

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Agreed i'm only pushing him because these 2 teams are in dire need for RB bodies

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