start DHB over Lloyd and Washington?

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standard half ppr league with a bonus at 150 yds receiving and 10 receptions. my WRs are the following:


VJax v GB

LLoyd @ARI

Washinton v CIN




I'm starting VJax, LLoyd and Washington but thinking maybe should drop DHB in for Nate W or Lloyd. Of the 2 I would think Washington because CIN has been tough against WRs this year.

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I see your point and it's a tough call, but if it was me, I'd stick with your initial line-up. With Palmer starting, it's so hard to tell if he can pass the ball. Plus, Champ Bailey will be covering DHB and he's one of the best cover-corners in the game (even though my man Megatron lit him up). Cincy's defense is tough, but with Tennessee's run game being a mess right now, look for them to throw the ball a lot.

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I would sit Nate and go with DHB. He has become the Raiders possession receiver and will get the majority of the targets. Cincy's pass D is very good and should shut Nate down plus he hasn't been seeing that many pass targets compared to DHB.

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