Tate or Alf Morris? Ogletree or Nate?

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half ppr league we start 2 RBs and with Forte out I am starting Sproles @GB and need to pick between


Tate vs TEN

Alfred Morris @TB


Had Morris penciled in earlier this week but now thinking Tate may be the better play even though he's the backup given they are playing TEN and should be plenty for both Foster and Tate. Also pondering Ogletree or James Jones...thinking of going with Ogletree or possibly picking up Nate Burleson.


Rest of my starters



Sproles, Morris or Tate

Andre Johnson, Cruz, Ogletree or James Jones






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im in a similiar boat for my flex...debating between alf, tate, or jaquizz


i think i am leaning towards alf morris as of right now...tates fumble late last week worries me a bit....and it is hard to trust the production of a backup where you would need a set of circumstances to happen for him to get productive touches.

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