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Trying to trade for Foster - he wants Forte and Cruz...

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We are a 2 keeper league with half ppr scoring and I'm tring to pry Arian Foster away from another team. We are at an impass because he wants Forte and Cruz for Foster. he needs help at WR but I'm not sure what to counter with. Should I counter with Forte/AJ or maybe Sproles/AJ.


Or maybe just forget it because I would end up weaker at WR despite gaining at RB and have a stud keeper for next few years.


My team

QB - Ryan, Palmer

RB - Forte, Sproles, Alf Morris, Tate

WR - Cruz, A Johnson, A Brown, Burleson, Ogletree

TE - Bennett, Witten

K - Bryant



His Team

QB - Rodgers, Tebow

RB - Foster, Martin, Benson

WR - Wallace, Wayne, Blackmon, Cobb, S Hill

TE - Olsen

K - Akers


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That looks like a good deal for fantasy's top player. It's tough to give up Cruz but Forte's ankle is cause for concern and you have great RB depth already.

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I"m going to try to see if he'll take Forte and AJ...let's me dump both my injury prone guys.


I just feel if I give up Cruz then I'm hurting at WR now with starters AJ, Antonio Brown, and Burleson.


Am I overvaluing Cruz and undervaluing AJ?

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