Fantasy Gambling - Vegas Style - week 5

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So a few weeks ago I found out that my local casino offers fantasy style wagering options. They probably have been doing it for years but I just found out about it recently. I thought I would be able to kill it with these type of bets. Not so much, so far I am 4-3 so after the vig I'm really just about breaking even soI figured I would post the options on this board and get some thoughts from some of my fellow huddlers as there are many people reading these boards that have excellent football minds and whose opinions I value.


In most cases the under pays better than the over. Also, there is no fractional scoring which favors the under (especially w/ QB's). All of my bets so far have been QB's and RB's, I havent bet a WR or TE yet, I guess I just view those positions as less reliable, even the best stud WR can put up a 50 yard no TD game any given week so I'd rather wager on guys I know will touch the ball.


The scoring system is as follows...


30 yards passing =1pt , 10 yards rush or rec = 1pt. All TD's = 6pts. All 2pt conversions = 2pts. Interceptions = negitive 2pts. Thats it, again, no fractions so 239 pass yards is 7 pts but 240 pass yards would be 8 pts.


Week 5 options,


QB's options...


M. Ryan O/U 22.5 , RG3 O/U 25.5, A. Rodgers O/U 27.5 , C. Newton O/U 21.5 , P.Manning O/U 20.5 , T. Brady O/U 22.5 and D. Brees O/U 24.5


RB options....


L. McCoy O/U 12.5 , A. Petersen O/U 18.5 , Benjarvius GE O/U 13.5, R.Rice O/U 14.5 , M. Lynch O/U 12.5 , MJD O/U 12.5 and A. Foster O/U 20.5


WR and TE options....


R. White O/U 12.5 , J. Nelson O/U 12.5 , V. Cruz O/U 11.5 , AJ Green O/U 11.5 , D. Bowe O/U 10.5 , B. Marshall O/U 10.5 , R. Grobnkowski 14.5 and J. Grahm O/U 11.5


My inital leans are over on M. Lynch (lowest RB option at 12.5, good matchup), over on P.Manning (lowest QB option at 20.5) and over V. Cruz ( low option at 11.5 and strong matchup)

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